“Collaboration between educational, training and research institutions would help to enable the formal exchange of experience and lessons learned among different institutions of the respective regions. Universities, tertiary centres and research centres have a special role to play in educating and building the capacity of stakeholders in key sectors, and climate change and adaptation issues should be integrated into education curricula.”

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Climate change is widely acknowledged as mankind’s most pressing challenge and what we do in the next few years will determine whether we can avoid serious impacts. There’s an urgent need for new approaches, new products and services, to tackle climate change.

Higher education occupies a central position in shaping the way how to cope with the challenge of climate change.

Climate Campus is taking up these challenges and presents a pro-active approach on what universities could do to reduce emissions and make us more resilient to the change ahead.

The target of Climate Campus is to establish a pioneering alliance of leading universities around the world ready to share experiences and develop together innovative approaches to climate protection in university education, operations and outreach.

Climate Campus brings together the most advanced universities active in the field of climate protection and will build on the existing good practices accumulated so far. In this effort universities must learn from each other and need not to re-invent the wheel again and again.

Universities are called upon to teach not only the skills required to advance successfully in the labour market, but also to nourish in their students, faculty and staff a positive attitude towards climate protection and to help them to understand how people can contribute to a better life in a sustainable world.

8000 universities worlwide can become models for society in the pursuance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and tackling climate change.

140 million students are critical agents for a safer future!

Universities are critical social multipliers in achieving sustainable production and consumption patterns. Universities are important actors in the community, as employer, purchaser and service user. Universities are also businesses where prudent use of resources saves money and safeguards reputations. Beside the teaching and learning function of universities the good housekeeping of universities becomes more and more decisive: “Practice what you preach!”


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